The PoopPac All-in-one Dog Waste Bag Holder, Dog Waste Bag Dispenser, Dog Walker's Bag

PoopPac Dog Walkers Bag is a stylish, unisex, convenient and practical way to manage your dogs waste bags and used dog poop bags when walking and traveling with your dog. Our all-in-one dog waste bag holder, dog waste bag dispenser and dog walker's bag is designed to both carry used dog poop bags odor free, and to dispense new dog waste bags.  Learn more about our PoopPac Dog Walker's Bag here in our web site and shop Dog Waste Bags, Dog Walker's Bags, Dog Waste Bag Dispensers and other dog walking accessories that compliment our PoopPac Dog Walkers Case.

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Susan Davidson, Inventor; PoopPac Interviewed at the 2012 EMMY"S

PoopPac invited to the 2012 EMMY Awards Gifting Lounge, Beverly Hills... Fun, Fun, Fun! See the celebrity photos in our gallery!

PoopPac Dog Walker's Case; A Better Way To Manage Carrying Dog Waste

Picking up after our dog is a must these days. With over 72 million registered domestic dogs in the USA (72 million into prospective, the UK has a total population of 63 million people!!!) and the fact most cities now impose a fine on those abandoning their pets poop picking up is a must. 

Carrying a bag of warm smelly 'dogs dinners past' can be a little challenging when theres no convenient trash can to hand. Also carrying other items with the poop bag is not ideal! Then there is the days you 'forget' a clean bag... Encore 'PoopPac'; a case engineered specifically for the task of carrying used waste bags odor free, and dispensing new waste bags, ensuring you are never caught without a bag again, or caught carrying a smelly waste bag along with your coffee... PoopPac is the perfect dog waste bag dispenser and dog waste bag holder; stylish and engineered for the task!

PoopPac Dog Walker's Bag: The Perfect Solution to a Messy Problem!