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PoopPac Dog Poop Bag Holder and Dispenser

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Worked great for me this morning. Love how easy it is to pull the little bag out of the pac! 
Sheila Green Martinez:

You cannot find anything like this anywhere. I’ve been to three pet stores recently and their products DO NOT COMPARE! Congrats on your continued success. My sister and I love our PoopPacs! Every dog owning friend of mine will be getting a PoopPac as a gift!

Kara Pacetti Plautz

I received my black and white one yesterday (PoopPac Dog Walkers Bag). I am so excited to be able to show it off in obedience school! For my dog, of course. I feel so special! errr, I mean my dogs feel special! There are so many neat little details! The little bag dispenser and the activated charcoal filter and mesh pocket it fits into is invaluable! I did not know it is machine washable, an added bonus! The second compartment will keep my cell phone, keys and money in one place so there is nothing to lose! I can use the clip to secure it to the side of the jogging stroller on the upper part or basket located underneath. That way it will keep it from jostling around when I am running. I keep looking at it and the pattern is so very chic; it even passes the high quality standards that my two Chi’s have come to expect!

Dahling! It’s the perfect answer to a poopy problem!
Thanks Susan…I will recommend your product for sure!

Cindy Gibbons Brown

The quality of this device (PoopPac Dog Walkers Bag) must be applauded! Much thought to detail, such as keys, ease of being able to grasp the bag, odor control, the two different chambers.

Much thought has gone into this!!

Linda Khan

The PoopPac is AWESOME. I’ve had it since last week and it has already made my dog walking experience ten times better. My sister just got a puppy on Mother’s Day so I’m going to get her a PoopPac too.


I felt very elegant and organized walking the dogs this morning with my new PoopPac slung over my shoulder — a lot easier to handle three Airedales without also trying to keep the bags under control. The ‘Dales like it too — they HATE having poop smellingbags waved in their faces.

Sidney Hardie

Just wanted to give you feedback, as you requested in the shipment.
Love the PoopPac. Seems to work very well!:)
Thanks for inventing it!  Very clever! 
Kerry Townsend Jacob


Paris from reviews our PoopPac Dog Walkers Case; waste bag holder and dog poop bag dispenser...

PoopPac wins Editors Choice Award for Best New Pet Products 2010 from Pet Product News International; the leading trade magazine for the Pet Industry.


I recently purchased a PoopPac – saw your ad on Facebook, and thought I’d give it a try. This is a terrific product! I have 2 dogs, so walking them while trying to hold onto used bags, house-keys, etc.,was always difficult. With the Poop Pac, this problem is solved.I am recommending it to every dog owner I know!

Thanks again!

Karyn Miller