PoopPac Dog Walkers Bag; Dog Waste Bag Holder, Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

Accessories for your PoopPac Dog Walkers Bag

PoopPac Dog Walkers Bag is a stylish, unisex, convenient and practical way to manage your dogs waste bags and used dog poop bags when walking and traveling with your dog. Our all-in-one dog waste bag holder, dog waste bag dispenser and dog walker's bag is designed to both carry used dog poop bags odor free, and to dispense new poop bags.  Learn more about our PoopPac Dog Walker's Bag here in our web site and shop Dog Waste Bags, Dog Walker's Bags, Dog Waste Bag Dispensers and other dog walking accessories that compliment our PoopPac Dog Walkers Case.

Currently our PoopPac comes in black with a choice of different colored zippers. The zipper colors can change seasonally and the current colors and availability can be seen on our online store 


Herban Essentials Pet Towelettes

When walking with your dog, accidents happen. Herban Essential Towelettes are a perfect accessory to your PoopPac Dog Walker's Case and super handy to have around. I always have a couple in my PoopPac!

"Herban Essentials Pet Towelettes are a fabulous treat for both you and your furry family member. The towelettes are made with the highest quality pure lavender essential oil, which not only makes them smell amazing, but makes them naturally antibacterial and antiseptic as well. Plus, lavender oil is wonderfully calming and relaxing.

Use the towelettes to clean your hands and kill germs after playing with, caring for, or cleaning up after your pet. Rub a towelette over pet’s hotspots, scrapes, or skin irritations to disinfect, promote healing, and prevent licking. Place a towelette in pet’s crate to help calm and relax in stressful situations (ie: vet visits, illness, travel). Use towelettes to regularly clean pet’s ears." Herbal Essentials.

One pack contains 20 individually wrapped towelettes


PoopPac Scented Dog Waste Bags Made in the USA

PoopPac's slightly sensed waste bags are made for us in California, USA. Our bags degrade in the elements (exposed to the sun, air, over time etc.) but are not 100% compostable, as in they do not degrade in landfills. 

20 Bags per roll
Bag size: 12" H x 9" W (bottom seal 6" wide)

Available in either packs of 4 or 8 rolls


PoopPac Dog Walkers Case Activated Charcoal Refills

Our PoopPac Dog Walkers Bag Activated Charcoal Refills are designed to replace the charcoal sachet in you PoopPac case should you notice the odor retention of the case has diminished.

I am often asked "how often do you need to change out the Charcoal". This is hard to answer. It differs with different users and their use and climate. In my personal case, I live in California and I use the case a couple of times a day, every day, and I find I notice the case emitting a slight odor after about 6 weeks. I then change out the charcoal.

A number of customers do not change out the charcoal as they see (smell) no need!

If the case is sitting next to you and you detect an odor; swapping out the charcoal will often help.

There are 5 refill sachets in each package of PoopPac Activated Charcoal Refills


LED Mini Lights; Very Handy When Walking Your Dog In The Dark

PoopPacs LED Mini flashlight is a very handy item to have attached to your PoopPac and Keyrings when walking your dog after sunset.

  • Dual function On/Off switch and Squeeze Button
  • Super Bright WHITE LED light
  • Powered by 2*CR2016 button cell batteries (included)
  • Keep one in the car or next to your bed, in you purse and on your keyrings, and of course one on your PoopPac!

Available in Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow