Dog Waste Bag Holder Wins Editors Choice Award

Our Editors were impressed with PoopPac because it offers many functions in one easy-to-carry machine-washable item. The product has two compartments. one for personal items and another for used dog waste bags. The latter has a charcoal filter designed to absorb odors. PoopPac can be attached to a leash, worn over the shoulder, clipped to a belt or carried around the waist. The sturdy construction and pratical all-in-one design make this a must-have for dog owners...
— ”PoopPac wins Editors Choice Awards Best New Pet Products. Pet Product News International

Dog Waste Bag Holder and poop Bag Dispenser

PoopPac dog-walker's case; the new dog-walkers companion, is a tough, lightweight dog walkers bag designed specifically to carry both used and unused dog waste bags, ensuring you will never be without a bag when you need one, or stuck carrying a bag of dog waste after you clean up after your pet when there are no handy trash cans!

PoopPac’s all-in-one dog waste bag holder, dog waste bag dispenser and dog walker's bags patented design has two separate compartments. Our front main compartment features a wipe clean lining suitable to contain your poop bag and an activated charcoal filter to assist in absorbing odors. Enclosed in this zippered rigid compartment your pets package can now be transported safely, elegantly, odor free and worry free, leaving you ‘hands free’ to enjoy your walk. We have designed our separate rear compartment to carry and dispense your new dog waste bags efficiently and to hold small personal items such as keys, phone, tissues, hand sanitizer etc.

The PoopPac dog walker's bag, waste bag holder and dog waste bag dispenser has been engineered specificially for the task of managing dog waste . This case has been greanted both a Design Patent and a Utility Patent.

PoopPacs Features:

PoopPacs front compartment features:

  • hygienic , non-porous,  wipe-clean lining to contain your ‘dogs used waste bag’
  • activated charcoal filter to assist in absorbing odors they may emit from the dog waste bag..
  • rigid, zippered enclosure to ensure that your pets used waste bag can be transported safely, elegantly and odor free; leaving your ‘hands free’ to enjoy your walk.

PoopPacs rear compartment is designed to:

  • efficiently carry and dispense unused dog waste bags in 'roll holder'
  • be suitable for holding small personal items such as keys, phone, tissues, hand sanitizer, dog treats, money, credit card etc. *Note the case will fit your standard iphone but the large phones i.e. iphone plus or phones with bulky cases may not fit in the back comparment with ease.

PoopPac dog-walker’s case includes multiple options to suit your carrying needs:

  • Built in Belt Clip
  • Removable Wrist Lanyard
  • Removable Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Case Dimensions: w x h x d = 7” x 5 1/2” x 3 1/4”
(approximately: 17 cm x 14 cm x 8 cm)

PoopPacs all-in-one dog waste bag holder, dog waste bag dispenser and dog walker's bag is:

  • constructed using a patented thermoforming process which produces a tough, lightweight, molded case designed specifically to withstand harsh environments.
  • wipe clean and machine washable; use gentle cycle/warm soapy water


PoopPac dog-walker's case is attractive, practical, durable and fully machine washable;

the perfect dog walkers accessory!

PoopPac Dog Waste Bag Holder
PoopPac Dog Waste Bag Carrier