PoopPac Dog Waste Bag Holder and Dog Poop Bag Dispenser


Award Winning Dog Waste Bag Holder

The design for our PoopPac dog walker’s bag came about whilst I was watching a large number of people walking their dogs on a beach one morning.  I was struck by just how many people were holding their ‘used bag’ (dog poop bag) in one hand, and their coffee in the other – yuk!  The more I paid attention the more I noticed all sorts of shenanigans with bags of dog poop; people standing around chatting, drinking their morning coffee and most with a bag of dog poop in their hand (and not always the other hand).  On dog beaches I noticed abandoned dog waste bags, hidden poop bags, all sorts of things with these poop bags; it actually became quite amusing, however one thought kept coming to mind ‘you’d think there’d be something to put it in’.  Well now there is; PoopPac dog waste bag holder and dog waste bag dispenser!

Managing Dog Waste Bags

Our main objective in designing PoopPac was to design a case that was durable and light-weight but most importantly a case that had a rigid frame so that you could pop your poop bag, the ‘package’ in it and be worry free of smell and accidents and of the waste bag touching other items…  With PoopPac’s all-in-one dog waste bag holder, dog waste bag dispenser and dog walker's bag you can now pop this dog walkers case in your car, stroller, attach it to your backpack, belt, leash etc and relax until you cross a convenient trash can or until you return home.  The unsightly messy poop bag is now safely and discreetly contained until you are able to dispose of it.

We are very proud of the high quality of our product.

We designed our PoopPacs all-in-one dog waste bag holder, dog waste bag dispenser and dog walker's bag with the assistance of a team of award winning engineers based in Santa Barbara, CA, who hold the patent for their tri-laminate thermoforming foam process that we use to manufacture our case.  Usually this technology is applied to protect valuable sensitive electrical equipment out in the field, but now it also being used to protect you from your package!

We are delighted you visited our website and we hope our product will be of service to you and your dog loving friends.

Enjoy Your Walk from all at PoopPac in sunny Santa Barbara!

PoopPac: the Perfect Solution to a Messy Problem

Susan Davidson; Designer and Owner PoopPac

Susan Davidson; Designer and Owner PoopPac

PoopPac Assembly

PoopPac Assembly