PoopPac Dog Walkers Bag; The Best Dog Waste Bag Holder And Dog Waste Bag Dispenser

PoopPac has been designed and engineered to carry your used dog waste bags odor free, Our case has been granted both a Design Patent and Utility Patent; truly built to make managing dog waste easier whilst walking your dog.


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What is the size of the PoopPac Dog Walkers case?

W x H x D = 7” x 5 ½’ x3 ¼’, = aprox 17cm x 14cm x 8cm

What is the PoopPac Waste Bag Carrier made of?

We are very proud of the high quality of our product.  Our case is constructed using a low density tri-laminated foam that is both light weight yet tough. this foam holds it shape protecting the contents.The foam is laminated with a 4 ply durable polyester fabric. The inside front compartment is lined with PU and can be wiped clean; the whole case is machine washable.

What size bag Dog Waste Bags will it hold?

PoopPac has a molded chamber that securely holds standard bags-on-a-roll up to 1 ½” in width, 2 ½” in length.

Can I use bags not on a roll?

Yes you can pop any bags into the personal side of the case but naturally they will not be as efficiently dispensed as the bags on a roll are via the small hole on the underside of the case.

Can I wash PoopPac?

Yes you can machine or hand wash pooppac in warm soapy water.

Do you have any other size cases?

Other options are in the works for release in 2014

Can I order another strap (shoulder or wrist)

Yes, just drop us an email at

Do you offer a discount if I order multiple PoopPac’s

Yes; if you ordering more than five units at one time call us at 805-364-0260 or drop us an email at and we will set something in-place for you.

Do you offer any other colors or fabrics?

Occasionally we release a 'limited edition' print or special fabric.

Do you offer custom finished cases?

Drop us an email with your needs and we will contact you to explore further

Do you ship Internationally?