PoopPac Activated Charcoal Refills


PoopPac Activated Charcoal Refills


Pack of 5 Activated Charcoal Refills

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PoopPac Dog Walker's Case Activted Charcoal Refills are designed to replace the charcoal filter in your PoopPac Dog Walkers bag.  This charcoal filters assist in managing the odor that can emit from your waste bag helping contain the odor within the PoopPac Case. This packet contains five filters.


I am often asked "how often do you need to change out the Charcoal". This is hard to answer. It differs with different users and their use and climate.

In my personal case, I live in California and I use the case a couple of times a day, every day, and I find I notice the case emitting a slight odor after about 6 weeks. I then change out the charcoal.

A number of customers do not change out the charcoal as they see (smell) no need!

If the case is sitting next to you and you detect an odor; swapping out the charcoal will often help.