First blog...

My intention with this little blog is to document, on a weekly basis, my progress in trying to start a new business and track my progress in launching a new product that I designed and manufacture.

I was inspired to do this as a 'blog' as opposed to in a personal journal, as I have had so much support from complete strangers in bringing an idea to market, that I think some of my experiences may be of interest to others and motivate them too, to take their idea to the next level... I know I will also be climbing a steep learning curve and therefore my experiences may be of assistance to others in perhaps avoiding some of the challenges I am sure I will be creating for myself due to lack of prior experience, and funds,... thus my 'journal' will be 'public', at least for now ;-)

The best laid plans... We are six months into my project and I finally get to my blog! Basically once we got started with our first soft launch/field market research in April 2010 my little business seemed to take on a life of its own and suddenly here we are six months later and no blogs! Thus now I am making the commitment to blog once a week, so that those who are interested in following the launch of our start-up company can, here! Welcome!

And as I look at my blogs header I laugh; I love my marketing teams title for this blog; "...fabulous tales of product and branding success..." You can see they titled the page; the reality ought to be 'the trials, tribulations, and wins involved in launching a new product" or 'the adventures of a crazy woman with no relevant background or experience launching a new pet product on a tight budget'... you get the picture. Anyway here we are and as I am late to the game in starting this blog I will drop in tomorrow and start with a quick recap of PoopPacs adventures thus far. But right now off to the post office as we have PoopPacs to ship!